Paintings Earth Series.

Coal At Dawn. Spraypaint on canvas 36.5 x 34 inches, Jason Davies 2015

 Jason Davies Coal At Dawn. This series of paintings consisting of spray paint is about the Yorkshire coal and mining industry and the elements we use from the ground through time to create the way we live. also what environmental level the damage that is happening to the community and worldwide resources. The process of these paintings  was purely experimental. when I paint a main canvas on the floor I paint the secondary painting in conjunction and it is called cleaning canvas. The process of repetition, Black paint on black paint until patterns occur. Jason Davies 2015

The White Ice Show. Spraypaint on canvas 38 x 37 inches, Jason Davies 2016.

 Jason Davies 2016. The Earth series this group of paintings represents mankind responsiveness to climate change in the environment we live in. A montage or mixup of landmass and social structure and is the opposite to the black coal paintings. the white represents snow ice, salt crystals diamonds etc, anything that has that kind of structure in the Earth. Again The drag effect of layering spray of the spray gets that grey natural detail in the white form which on an experimental basis I thought was a triumph and not been done before. JDavies 2016

Detail from The White Ice Show. Spraypaint on canvas, Jason Davies 2016.


Detail from The White Ice Show. JDavies. This is a close-up version of the above I like the way the white paint layers on top of of each other when dragged to create a natural form. These paintings are about the minerals and other purposeful materials we did from the Earth to create our living environment upon earth by doing this are we  harming mankind, in the long run I suppose time will tell.jason Davies 2016

Into The Valley Of Light. Spraypaint on canvas, 37 x 35 inches Jason Davies 2016.

 Jason Davies 2016. This painting represents the colour of the world and the darkness which beholds underground probably a spiritual meaning were light meets dark. Another from the Earth series about substances that come from the Earth and the connection with mankind and the use of these materials. Aboveground the stage of life and how it is conducted on a day-to-day basis. The dragging process is apparent and the black on black to get that dark rich grain within the colour. JDavies 2016 

The Gateway. Spraypaint on canvas 37 x 34 inches Jason Davies 2016
Detail from The Gateway. Spraypaint on canvas Jason Davies 2016

 Jason Davies, The Gateway. This painting from the Earth series consisting of spray paint on canvas is about Antarctica and what lies beyond in my own surreal way. The white spray paint formation represents minerals from the Earth or ice and snow which is layered upon layered just like in the natural world. The gateway represented up in the top part of the painting in colour is a platform  and  imagination view of maybe the future or you could view the painting as the white being a underground source of material. Jason Davies 2016

Electric Is Formed. Spraypaint on canvas, 37 x 35 inches Jason Davies 2015
Detail from Electric Is Formed Spraypaint on canvas, Jason Davies 2015

 Electric Is Formed, Jason Davies This painting is another from the Earth series and is about coal in the past creating energy, electricity that is to create steel light etc in the past to make our lives better, without coal technology would not have evolved in the way it has starting from fire and then the steam engine on to furnaces etc. If the message of global warming is correct the technology is moving on again and I wonder when or where will this end. Created in spray paint on canvas.jason Davies 2015