Painting canvas p5

Became the light. Spraypaint on canvas 36 x 28 inches JDavies 2011
Detail from Became the light. JDavies 2011

 Became the light is about light and colour triumphing over darkness. Again the background and shades of darkness integrated with fine needle point edging, also a fine example of the parallel technique and my unique way of etching into spray paint on canvas.I have witnessed good and bad in my life I have seen much darkness and through these paintings try to control more into the light and stay on that path. JDAVIESARTS 

Another detail shot from became the light JDavies 2011

 The detail here is smart And neat the colours of Matt paint. my surrealism goes on and on these are prime examples of my technique covering up and overlaying which I paint part of the canvas at one time then move to the next so on and so forth onto the painting is finished. JDAVIES ps The black lines and background on this painting V are back into the canvas to create an image of movement.

Indoor Mayhem. Spraypaint on canvas 24 x 24 inches JDavies 2012
Detail from Indoor Mayhem. JDavies 2012

 This painting is about the struggles with my mental health, a lot of the indoor paintings represent really the same I will not go into too much details about the trials and tribulations of my mind but telling by the artwork my mind does not run down the same path as I suppose a normal person. There is anger frustration, confusion hard work all negative energy positive energy all built up  really in  one room over a vast number of years.The imagery confirms it well that they are reflections of what is going off in my head in colour form and dimension . JDAVIESARTS 

Another detail shot from Indoor Mayhem. JDavies 2012

 The table with a hole is no good for anyone or is it a mouth anyway this thing is been dragged to the underworld. A bottom less pit where my thoughts collect the darkness and forever. Doctors and medical Academics will love these paintings because they are really deep into the mental health Freudian if you wish. Analyse at your will.? The construction is the same on this painting as for the others. JDAVIES 

Gallery mayhem. Spraypaint on canvas, 24 x 24 inches JDavies 2013
Detail from Gallery Mayhem. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2013

 This painting is an imagination take on art gallery's and what goes on in a surreal away when they are closed to public view and is just a night time observation in a weird after hours Way, again, structured in spray paint under this period in time this seems to be a lot of green which I quite like. Chairs seem to crop up in my paintings wich represents loneliness I didn't know that until I read it years later. Also this painting represents the craziness and prices that art galleries are renowned for, as I do not know this because I cannot get represented by one. JDavies 

Not Going Out Today. Spraypaint on canvas, 59 x 46 cm Jason Davies 2011
Detail from Not Going Out Today. Spraypaint on canvas Jason Davies 2011

 Jay davies This painting represents my OCD and my cabin fever rituals within the walls of my two bedroom flat. Painting in isolation for years and years does something to the brain and this painting is about that. And becoming that isolated and that used to staying indoors it's hard to escape and enter the real world. Other words you get a sense of well-being in a protected environment like the studio which over the years becomes a very very hard and lonely space. Another spray paint peice with the parallel technique just a series of mental health paintings and the rules that apply within the walls. Jason Davies 

Another detail shot from Not Going Out Today. Spraypaint on canvas JDAVIESARTS 2011

 JDavies A look at the table which can which is constructed from roof tiles squares and detail. I don't really know what this represents but with the emptiness on the table I suggest it's like my life only art exists which is the table and there's nothing else on it. Thinking about it,this painting is more about real life rather than surreal but my life has been rather surreal so the combination is about just write. JDavies