Canvas paintings

The Roof. Spraypaint on canvas 42 x 33 inches JDavies 2007
Detail from The Roof. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2007

 This painting represents The house I lived in when I was a child and expresses my imagination in squares which I call the roof. Also architecture as a teenager I was a roofer for which the building concept in my art represents. These surrealist pieces which are  purely automatic this piece took 6 months to paint and both just over a year to complete all created in Spraypaint and different techniques I originated.these two paintings were really the template of what was to come. These paintings stretched my mind and where extremely difficult at that point in time to complete but they come out great.

Another Detail from The Roof. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2007

 The roof was the first one and after completion I had to do another. In my head this was my first masterpiece and it took some work to complete these paintingsall were created in Belton and the parallel technique was really put to the test and it worked. I could talk about these paintings because of all the content what is in them just like in your own mind you make up your own decisions. JD 

Next doors Roof. Spraypaint on canvas 42 x 33 inches JDavies 2007
Detail from Next doors Roof. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2007

 This canvas is the sequel to the roof these  paintings indicate when I was a child and we lived in a semidetached house when the contents of our house where exactly the same as the neighbours house which fascinated me when I was a child same furniture same VCR same TV same sofa etc. All interests and personality were different, this painting took six months to paint at least 2000 hours the pair took just over a year. This painting is considered buy me one of my masterpieces the details are obscene and even I cannot count all the boxes that are present. Very hard work but great outcome.jd 

Another Detail from Next doors Roof JDavies 2007

 Another detail these paintings all created in Spraypaint and are so interesting, they enclose so much information it is really hard to start dissecting. They are pure imagination pieces construction from automatic painting there is no preconceived ideas of this art I always let the viewer decide. Jdaviesarts


Towerfull. Spraypaint on canvas 43 x 23 inches JDavies 2014-15

 Towerfull.this painting is about the rise and the diminish of power between humans. A architectural significance is strongly held in this piece which took up to 4 months to paint and is another great example of the parallel technique. The colours are strong and the background emphasises heat and light in the city's we live in. Also this painting has dimensional quality coming from different aspects and angles within its construction of spray paint on canvas. Again I like the complexity to this Painting and is definitely a keeper until a good home or institution is found.

Me, Myself And Colour. Spraypaint on canvas 96 x 57 cm JDavies 2014
Detail from Me Myself And Colour. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2014

 J Davies. This painting represents a colourful surreal image of myself in a landscape/with a ultra  dimensional play on line.The greens and reds and white go very well on this piece of art and was created just before Towerfull. both manage architectural design within the landscape with trees and shadows, space and other combinations of land and concrete. Structures and objects that our eyes pick up every day in our cities and towns. Another great Spraypaint piece. Jay davies 2016

51 imagination place. Spraypaint on canvas 31 x 24 inches JDavies 2015

 This painting is a surreal take on the place where I live but in a totally opposite composition place, form, colour and dimension. I live in a flat with no garden. This again is a surreal architectural composition of pure automatic Mark making all created with spray paint and the parallel technique.jd

 This is a detail photo shot of 51 imagination place and to show how neat and accurateThe technique I have created is on canvas.