Valley of fantastic content. Spraypaint on canvas, 90 x 86 cm JDavies 2016
Detail from valley of fantastic content JDavies 2016

 This painting the last in the series, or The latest this year. A surrealist landscape of semi dimensional views created in shades of white in Spraypaint to give of the winterland series which has been going on for years, excellent complexity of shadow form and colour all with Spraycans. JDAVIESARTS 

Another detail shot from, valley of fantastic content JDavies 2016

 Just another detail shot a close-up of the canvas. These paintings are produced in the winter. Technically abilities not for discussion at this moment when the time is right all will be revealed. You wouldn't believe all this is created with a medium intended for painting garden furniture and fridges. JD 

A Different White Of Winter. Spraypaint on canvas 76 x 70 cm JDavies 2016.
Detail from A Different White Of Winter.

 The beauty of winter white dark snowy at times grim but somewhat beautiful . Tones of brown and grey shadow the landscape, again dark and light tell the story of industry specially in Rotherham where I live I paint these Paintings in the winter which I think is appropriate seasonal if you wish the dynamic line and the sharpness of edges. The parallel technique and haziness of the  sky snowy forms of colour another night time piece great illuminati of light with simple control. Jay Davies 

Another detail shot from A Different White Of Winter. JDavies 2016

 Another detail photo of the painting,spray paint on canvas with Belton and Montana gold paint. Great shades of white and some gray not bad outcome with a limited pallet. Jay Davies 

Headhunter. Spraypaint on canvas 77 x 66 cm JDavies 2009
Detail from headhunter. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2009

 Headhunter this painting comes from a series about dark and Iight representing a surreal view of architecture from above. There is also a multiple side view different angles and so forth.also the emphasis of human Behaviour when after something they really want to possess, the black and the colour work very well within the paintings and the Matt spray paint really works with the dark background. Jay Davies 

None human construction. Spraypaint on canvas 76 x 62 cm JDavies 2011
Detail from none human construction. Spraypaint on canvas 2011

 Non-Human construction, a painting about the future when machines build architecture and buildings and were human labour will not be needed to build infrastructure. maybe a surreal Spin but who knows time will tell, and again dark and light becomes a theme in a lot of art I produced which was not always intentional.The colours work well and the descent shades. JD 

Another detail shot from none human construction JDavies 2011

 Parallel technique combined with the etching into colour this all brand new ways of creating art on canvas. Nice controlled and neat. These paintings are all created on 15 ounce cotton duck canvas and Belton Matt spray paint. Jay davies

Kame The Long Way Round. Spraypaint on canvas 24 X 24 inches JDavies 2015
Detail from I Kame The Long Way Round. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2015-16

 This painting is about painting and travelling and seeing and feeling the long way around without any shortcuts to get where you need or want to be in your life or with me my paintings. It's all about struggle with in the obstacles on the road if there is a road. Nice colours great purple and green a surrealist road trip dodging that weirdness. Jay Davies 

Another detail shot from I Kame The Long Way Round, JDavies 2015-16

 Another picture for you, a bright and cheery onlook to this painting not as dark as some of my other expeditions into the mind of my art. JD