Painting canvas p6

The Model. Spraypaint on canvas 24 x 24 inches JDavies 2012
Detail from The model JDavies 2012

 This painting shows or represents a surrealistic view of a town or place everything looks plastic say like in a railway model or something that is not necessarily real. The lightbulb shining instead of the moon onto the green fields of green spray paint, and the plastic trees just standing there some nice etching and line showing the perimeter of fields. JDAVIESARTS 

Another detail shot from The model Jason Davies 2012

 Bubble heads and shadow cast lines into the city and landscape colourful edging and the blue represents water and the Greenfields. The parallel technique is used in all my spray painted canvases and will be reviled when the time comes of how it is achieved. Jay Davies 

A Different Scene. Spraypaint on canvas 35 x 21 inches JDavies 2011
Detail from A Different Scene JDavies 2011

 These landscape paintings are colourful and bold,  shattered into different dimensions the land holds so much time and difference and I represent this in the strange objects what are being shown.pure surrealism is being collected from right to left and with that ideas are born though out. The sky is simple but the land is complex, check out the Weird figure posing in the moonlight ha it maybe me, Jay Davies 

Another detail from A Different Scene JDavies 2011

 Another detail from a different scene there is a nude  woman in this shot no mistakes are allowed when etching into wet spray paint because it dries in literally minutes depending on the weather, so first attempt is crucial within this field of art. Over the last five years I have practised quite a lot on the female form and it's pretty up to par check out some of my nude female surreal watercolours. JDAVIESARTS 

Colour Cake. Spraypaint on canvas 92 x 53 cm JDavies 2015
Detail from colour cake. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2015.

 This painting represents the layers of life from manufacturer tables chairs etc. Just stuff we buy that gets old and new, the mundane abnormal to the deserving of objects scattered on A bright bed of coloured cake which represents money we need to survive. life and objects we need to buy. These type of paintings  are also due to space that the objects are situated in and to gain space costs money. JDAVIESARTS 

Detail from colour cake. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2015

 Another detail shot of colour cake the sickly colours on the background and the bed of rocks represent a hard sharp foundation which life has to grow obtains ing objects through our lives. Fully spray paint on canvas these technics apply to all the other paintings.nice shadows in this piece gives the  painting depth. JDAVIESARTS 

My Flat As No Garden. Spraypaint on canvas 40 x 40 cm JDavies 2013
Detail from My Flat has no garden. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2013

 This painting represents a garden which I do not possess and living on the third story of flats is obviously not good to possess a lawn. Also being incarcerated and looking out of my cell window and just knowing that you cannot go and lay down on the grass or sit under a tree. Then you realise how important freedom is and the smallest stuff we take for granted in our lives. Ps prison does teach valuable lessons that is why it is there. JDAVIESARTS 

Another detail shot from My flat has no garden. JDavies 2013

A Weird looking object is created by white line in spray paint, this is a small painting but I like the compact outcome of the buildings and furniture. The shading you can get with spray paint because of the consistency of small dots arriving at greatly achievable fades is good and I have been commented on these by my peers and art personnel over the years. Jay davies

Carry The Weight. Spraypaint on canvas 58 x 45 cm JDavies 2014
Detail from Carry The Weight. JDavies 2014

 JDavies A building painting consisting of yet another garden area with the table centre acting as a platform and empty space. Pure surrealism with my mind creating points of architecture and landscape of line,  form colour and dimension. All of these paintings are painted on the floor on loose Canvas sometimes pre stretched and are not framed for show all in the medium of Spraypaint and parallel technique. JDavies