Painting canvas p4

Flowerpots. Spraypaint on canvas 88 x 50 cm JDavies 2012
Detail From Flowerpots. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2012

 J Davies this midnight scene with the moon and buildings, layers of structures combining with colour. Spires with surreal faces and flowerpots in the windows, Gardens and trees just a typical city or town really an overall populated area bathed by coloured light.Great example of the parallel technique and  covering up and overlaying, simple and very effective. Jdaviesarts 

Another detail shot from Flowerpots, JDavies 2012

 I went through a process for about five years where I used contrasts of black against colour all Spraypaint on a matt level. All results of this experiment Come out fine, The paintings what I am putting on this website or just what I've got in the studio and aready photographed there is a lot lot more in storage which I will add maybe at a later date. JDavies 

Richmen own spaceships. Spraypaint on canvas, 34 x 18 inches JDavies 2011
Detail from Richmen Own Spaceships. Spraypaint on canvas JDavies 2011

 This painting represents the rich powerful and wealthy and how they build for the future,over the last few decades the trend seems to be outer space and who is going to conquer which I find very interesting. This painting consists of light and dark colour and form alternate direction and dimensions within the colour and looks. A very fine and technical piece which puts across a good story or narrative to the watcher. Also check out Richard Branson with his top hat on. The top hat is a trend giver which was worn years ago by the wealthy in society not so much these days. Like I said an all round good piece of art. JDavies 

One Mans Tsunami. Spraypaint on canvas 97 x 43 cm Jason Davies 2012.
Detail from One mans tsunami. Spraypaint on canvas Jason Davies 2012

 Jay davies this disaster painting is when the tsunami hit Japan and the way that the water hit the landscape. It is a reminder of the wave of life and how it dominates myself and my own life and how things crash around you. Something you can never run away from and you have to deal with it, even in painting there is no escape. Again great form colour and dimension and overall good canvas. I have had quite a few people respond on like this work throughout the years, it is also very dark in nature with the Browns reds and Blacks just like that dark evil water that we watched on the TV. Also check out the corrugated forms of buildings what ride the wave and a mass of strength, and the guy which I think is me just about to be crushed. Jason Davies 

Another detail shot from One Mans Tsunami. Spraypaint on canvas Jason Davies 2012

 JDavies This piece spray paint on canvas I can remember when this event happened I watched a clip where I saw the tsunami cross the land and there was someone in a field and the water crushed the person and it shocked me,so this is my surrealist take on a true event. Which reminds me of my own life and the crushed episodes or small Tsunami i have had to deal with. These things have tried to wash me away in the past Which has been a very challenging life indeed I have survived. Jason Davies 

Collapse Of Gravity. Spraypaint on canvas 35 x 25 inches JDavies 2012

 Jason Davies, this painting consisting of spray paint on canvas and is the collapse of landscape in a surreal dimension. Created with the parallel technique which consists of making one line then reproducing the line to create an image and layer. A fine colourful piece predicating blue sky and Greenland the process is called covering up over laying where one part of the canvases is painted then another added and so on. The fall of imagery and the imagery within the painting is very informative and possesses  a tight full look a colourful surrealist piece. JDAVIESARTS 

Detail from, Collaspe Of Gravity Spraypaint on canvas Jason Davies 2012

 Jason Davies A detailed picture from collapse of gravity, an colourful and well painted piece of art from my archive. A combination of etching with precise instruments and other techniques that are brought forward in this piece of art and created with spray paint. A great original piece with a futuristic twist on landscape and the environment we live in. Jason Davies