JDavies write up

 I was born in England,  Rotherham my name is Jason Lee Davies. I have painted since I was a child and from 15 started out on my professional endeavours mainly as a street artist in the middle eighties. Art was my favourite subject in all my school days and got some great qualifications but when Street Art graffiti came on the scene in the Middle Eighties paintbrushes and pencils got put down and spray cans were picked up I was hooked. Paper and pens turned to spray cans and walls which as a teenager got me in quite a bit of trouble learning this subject matter on the streets which was really my canvas. I painted hard for years I learnt how to paint in the dark night and in some incredible places, great art adventures which in those days was all brand-new. I went to college for a brief period but they didn't understand my art form and was very disappointing at the lack of skills these people knew.i had a hard troubled life ranging from being an alcoholic to serious mental health issues and some semi-drug affiliations which led me into rehab on a few occasions but there the government art programs learned me Another side of my art skills and really it was the beginning of what I do now, instead of having a one track mind with graffiti.within being incarcerated I learnt new aspects of modern Art and from the people and teachers and other persons I was surrounded with. My problems with health lasted just over a decade where I was homeless and thinking about it was pretty close to hell and death.All through the 90s I was very ill but I still painted the streets with a vengeance. I had some very serious issues with my health, in  2001 after nearly dying from alcohol poisoning I had to get clean and start a new life so I started painting full time. I swapped one addiction to another and a new clean life started.I did think of going back to college and university but I had no funds and just couldn't afford it anyway my main adjective was to keep clean and away from temptation.I created my own studio in the back bedroom which I call the lab and from then I experimented with my ideas and with using spray cans  creating a new world of art. I'm just relaying what was in my mind and the obstacles that I had been through within my life that was enough subject matter to last me till the rest of my days. Instead of drinking every day I painted every day and I really enjoyed and still enjoy my clean life although it was so very hard to overcome these things especially changing the relations and the choice of starting again. I will never go back to the dark side where everything was created from drink and drugs even crime as soon as I stop drinking everything else bad fell with it.the Demon was cast aside and the light in my life began to shine and I have not and will not ever stop creating and doing the thing I love which is painting on what ever becomes my way. And on reflection this art really does come from a very dark place as you can probably tell from looking at my paintings which comes across in my art and which truly fascinates me to upmost highest degree. I hope I haven't gone to deep here this is just a short summary of me and if you ever got to know me then you will get the completed story.    My art is definitely surrealism although I didn't really know what that meant until years into painting on canvas. Painting in an extreme way every day for 15 years is how my style developed through practice and hard work maintaining a 12 hour practical day painting on canvas and paper which I averaged four and a half thousand hours a year Times that by 15 and you have got a lot of paperwork and Canvas artwork. I developed a style call the parallel technique which by you looking at my website, I have given brief descriptions I cannot give too much detail into the process because of people wanting to copy my style. It is a clean and easy way of painting and should have really been thought about maybe 70 years ago when spray cans were first invented spray paint is just another acrylic medium and is brand-new not like bushes which of been here for 100's of years. so with that I experimented so that I can be the first at doing this subject matter which I think is very important for the future of all arts. Paint practice patience and perfection, this is a process I created over a decade ago to tick all the boxes and to perform at a good level. Again I learnt through these procedures also from reading and being persistent on my art mission. Lately I've been painting with brushes on linen which is another feather in my hat and which is a new approach to my surrealist cause there is a great substance of structure in my paintings which comes from my roofing days as a teenager and I learnt how to build houses only for a couple of years but all of these attributes are all connected in my mind. I also think that looking at walls for 30 years on a graffiti level-attributed to my art. I was really looking at buildings and architecture on a subconscious level which manifested into my creative process. JD I will add more this is a brand new website site 22.11.2016