Jaw series. Spraypaint on concrete JDavies 2017.

 Spray paint on concrete, another great wall overlooking Meadowhall to Leeds train line. Good recent wall this year because it's pretty local to where I live and is ultimately waste land so great for all day art JDavies 2017

Kame. Spraypaint on concrete JD 2016

 Spray paint on brick painting on railway  tunnels in South Yorkshire on old coal mine. all derelict like there is many  places round there like that, great spots and left alone to paint in peace. JD 

Various paintings on linen and canvas JDavies 2016-17

 These paintings I wake up to every day just a reminder of what I do all day. Check out the odd socks surrealism at its weirdest J Davies 2017.

Kame. Spraypaint on concrete JDavies 2017

 Summertime spray-painted piece more to come. Great Wall on the trackside must be at least 150 feet long many more designs and your characters etc to be created on the space before winter hopefully. JDavies 

Detail from Jaw series, Spraypaint on concrete JDavies 2017

 Up close details shot, Jaw series spray paint on the concrete great day Out more to come j Davies 2017.

Street art jaw series, Spraypaint on concrete JD 2017

 Back to the Jaw series which I created maybe 10 years ago started creating these again,graffiti on the wall just enjoying the summer what I normally do painting walls back to my roots J Davies 2017.

Detail from, new painting on gesso birch board 2017 JDavies

 This new painting in process. Painted on a pre finished gesso birch board from john jones. An expensive professional gesso board which is so smooth to paint on pretty good so far have got another one delivered the other week. Ready to start on another soon, archival quality. JDavies 

Old studio shot. Woodside Walk 2016, various paintings and styles. JDavies

 Woodsidewalk studio shot. Different and various spray painted canvases in the corner of the room these paintings spread over a decade and they are just rolled up in the corner of  the boiler cub board well two of the bigger ones are anyway I saw them when the water board fitted me an electronic water meter the other day they should be in a gallery or museum but no, no one seems to be interested in any of it, probably end up in a skip or a charity shop for a fiver. Ha JDAVIES 

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