Landscape Pro Acrylic Brush Work.

Digital Stream. Pro acrylic on canvas 71 x 71 cm Jason Davies 2016
Detail from Pro acrylic brush work on canvas JDavies 2016

 This series of landscapes which I have started this year are all done with professional acrylic brush work.which are totally different from my spray painted canvases truly different techniques and approaches to 2 different kinds of art on canvas and linen. The principles are really still the same on a surrealist level but still maintaining that automatic process.creating a background middle ground and foreground and on my own ideas as I approach working and layering details to the finished painting. The  application of brushes means,I can create much more detail and depth than in the spray painted canvases. But as I said to different ways and styles, mediums of painting on canvas and linen, these paintings are my new projects and you should be seeing more of them in the future. JD 

Another detail pro acrylic on canvas JDavies 2016

 Another detail shot of the brushwork series of landscapes and other artworks I'm going to create just by using brushes rather than spray cans.I do not do mixed media on canvas and linen it's either one purity or the other. Just another concept to my vast collection of art works.I have swapped the lab for the easel other words change one studio and going in another studio. JD 

Middle Night Fog. Pro acrylic brush work on linen Jason Davies 2016
Detail from Middle Night Fog pro acrylic on linen JD 2016

 This painting is a middle night view of the luminosity of fog and the landscape being looked on from certain different levels dimensions and angles. This attributes to some strange surrealist objects, which are created into the landscape to be looked at from a far or close up. I like the viewer to Rome and pick up different things that my eyes and brain sometimes do not appear to see. The colour of the acrylic paint which is professional winsor and newton range added with mediums to help the paint flow and create luminosity are beautiful. I need the paint to dry fast so acrylics or very suitable for my style of painting which I paint slowly and everywhere building up layers of colour until finished. JD PS this is my first attempt on top grade linen and I will never paint on canvas again I hope, a truly pure and flat surface unbelievable painting material.

Another detail shot from Middle Night Fog. Pro acrylic on linen JDavies 2016

 Just another detail shot using fine 10/o spotter brushes for the details which is very time-consuming but the final paintings are really worth it I love detail as you can probably tell. The linen is so smooth and tight and with the Gesso and acrylic but it is a perfect combination to to create surrealist art works on. The subject matter is landscape from my mind and just simple sky and land with added surrealist detail ranging from all different kind of mind full ideas. JD 

Harbouring Thoughts. Pro acrylic brush work on canvas 24 x 24 inches JDavies 2016
Detail from Harbouring Thoughts. Pro acrylic brush work on canvas JDavies 2016

 Harbouring thoughts this painting consists of my ideas and thoughts in between the valley of Land and sea. Another Brushwork concept highly detailed giving the viewer a great story of my mind and now I operate on a piece of art. JD 

Another detail shot from Harbouring acrylic on canvas JDavies 2016

 The process  use of using small coloured objects a bit like bricks to build up levels of detail and surrealist action within the painting. Controlling the aspects of using dark and light to reveal different layers of the underground, above and below and the things that inhabit these places which we can see or sometimes cannot. Wonderment is a great detail in life and we all obsess about what will or will not happen within our lives or beyond,surrealism for me is a point of high imagination which we need, as we manage to create new things in this world. JD 

Mind On Fire. Pro acrylic brush work on canvas, 24 x 24 inches Jason davies 2016
Detail from Mind On Fire. Pro acrylic brush work on canvas Jason Davies 2016.

 Jason Davies This painting is my first with pro acrylic brush work on canvas. And the painting represents my mind on fire also to the book the Divine comedy and the underworld with its different gates and levels of hell which in some ways equals to my mind in some respect. This painting talk about 3 to 4 weeks to paint and painting with brushes on canvas is a lot easier than the difficulties and dangers of using spray paint on canvas. I paint with great detail which is very time consuming but I have to do it this way because it is affordable using small amounts of paint and small-scale bushes. When I paint with pro acrylic Windsor and Newton artists range and use there professional medium range, slow drying medium, glazing medium and of course flow improver binder so the paint can be thinned down and still have the brilliance and fresh colour also Matt medium used , it is all a very good range of paint and medium which caters for the professional artist. Jason Davies 

Another Detail from Mind On Fire Jay davies 2016

 Jay davies My art is somewhat painted from experience in a surreal manner the brain holds that much information and billions of imagery the process matter is unreal. I will never understand truly on a subconscious level how my brain picks the images that are executed or for a better word transported through my body and onto the paper and Canvas. That is truly outstanding to me this process drives me on and on to see what other mysterious things are lurking in my mind this process could really go on for ever but our bodies can't take the pressure. Jason Davies 

Troubled Minds Drift. Acrylic brush work on linen 74 x 74 cm Jason Davies 2016-17.
Detail from, Troubled Minds Drift. Acrylic brush work on linen Jason Davies 2016-17.