Female Nude Painting 2

Red Boots Dancer. Watercolour on arches paper, 28 x 19cm Jason Davies 2016

 JDavies. This watercolour painting is one of the series that are original nudes from hair to foot and are in a standing position these attributes in painting on paper or canvas are pretty hard to find in history try looking for a complete painted nude form, from hair to foot and stood up Full frontal nude. There is also a surrealism range when my mind is on one, there is also another reason for the surrealist heads which I will discuss at a later date. Jason Davies 

Skin Expressions Twice. Watercolour, graphite and ink on arches paper Jason Davies 2013-17.

 Jason Davies. This series of watercolour graphite and ink paintings were first started in 2013 but I have revamped them to today's practical level. All created on hot pressed Arches watercolour paper the female body interacting with the surreal masks of which there is over 20 in the series.

Straight From CERN. watercolour and ink on arches paper, 28 x 19cm Jason Davies 2015-16.